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Delphi ESR 9.21.00+


PolySync Driver
  • dynamic-driver-can
Supported Since
  • N/A
Driver Notes
  • SDF sensor configuration's serial number must match the sensor's serial number in order to validate
  • Use the '-g' driver command-line argument to parse the sensor's serial number

Input Message Types

Input Msg Type
Native CAN message stored as ps_can_data_msg Default bit rate: 500K

Output Message Types

Output Msg Type
ps_radar_track_stream_msg Radar tracks



Parameter ID
100 Sensor mount position X Meters
101 Sensor mount position Y Meters
102 Sensor mount position Z Meters
103 Sensor mount yaw Degrees
104 Sensor mount pitch Degrees
105 Sensor mount roll Degrees
106 Sensor serial number

Reflects SDF sensor configuration

107 Sensor type PolySync sensor type
600 Tangential Velocity EMA Alpha
650 Forward ground speed minimum Default: 0.7
108 Sensor upside down Default: false
1003 Publish ps_can_data_msg Default: false
1004 Publish ps_radar_track_stream_msg Default: true
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