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Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs)

DTC's indicate the status of your system on a node-by-node basis. Each node can activate a fault by setting it's diagnostic state to match a predefined code in the API.

Error codes can be found in the syslog located at /var/log/syslog, or by spawning the node manually and the node will output directly to the terminal like this:

$ cd /usr/local/polysync/examples/data_generator/
$ make
$ ./bin/polysync-data-generator-c
ERROR : polysync_lic : lic_validate -- process_features returned: 115
ERROR : polysync_core : (429) -- license is not valid
ERROR : main -- psync_init - ret: 115 

 In this case the error code is 115 which indicates our PolySync License is invalid. 


You can define custom DTC's to use within PolySync applications. We have reserved the first 32-bits, but feel free to fill up the upper 32-bits!

Reserved: [DTC 0 - DTC 4,294,967,295]


DTC Code List


0 Reserved
20 Usage error
40 System design file not accessible
41 System design file corrupt
42 System design file key invalid
50 Data model configuration error
51 Data model 'core' module version is not supported by the API version
70 Interrupted system call error
75 Operation in progress error
100 Data format error
102 Cannot open input
103 Addressee unknown
104 Host name unknown
105 Service unavailable
106 System error
107 Memory error
108 Critical OS file missing
109 Can't create output file
110 Input/output error
111 Error in protocol
112 Permission denied
113 Configuration error
114 Runtime environment error
115 License error
116 Message/resource type is not supported
300 Bad device initialization
301 No device initialization
302 Device not powered
303 Device damaged
304 Interface not connected
305 Interface protocol violated
306 interface saturated
307 Interface in use
308 Native bus not connected
309 Native bus protocol violated
310 Native bus saturated
311 Native bus in use
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