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Replay logs and visualize data


This article will teach you how to run PolySync Manager and PolySync Studio on a single host. We will start up a number of predefined nodes and play back previously recorded data using PolySync Studio. PolySync Studio will allow us to explore the different kinds of data that our sensors have captured. This workflow will introduce you to the most commonly used workflow within the PolySync ecosystem.

If you haven't already, start by installing PolySync.

PolySync Manager

To begin, it will help to better understand the function of PolySync Manager. If you haven't already read through The Big Picture now would be a good time to do that, or you can skip to the explanation of PolySync Manager. 

To see a full list of available options when starting PolySync Manager you can run:

$ polysync-manager -h

Because we will be playing back pre-recorded data and haven't attached any sensors to our machine we want to indicate to Manager to startup with no attached hardware. We also want to tell manager to start all the nodes defined in the example SDF.

$ polysync-manager -w -n 

Next we will start PolySync Studio.

PolySync Studio

We also start PolySync Studio from the command line.

$ polysync-studio

Once Studio opens click on the System Hierarchy and 3D View plugins. This will open these two plugins so we can view the data capture in our log file and see what sensor nodes are defined in the SDF.

By looking at the System Hierarchy plugin we can see that our SDF defines 5 different nodes, each associated with a particular sensor. The word "Missing" indicates that we are not receiving any data from these nodes which we expect because we have not begun replaying the logged data yet.

To replay a log file first click the replay tab in the upper-right corner of the Studio window. You will then see a list of sessions which have been recorded. Next, double click on session 1000. You should OK appear next to the nodes in the System Hierarchy as these nodes begin to transmit data. You should also see the play button change to black to indicate we can begin playback of our data. After you press play you'll see the session begin playback. 

On the right side of the PolySync Studio window are preferences for the currently selected plugin. In windows shown above the selected plugin is the 3D View and on the right we can choose what data is shown in the 3D view. 


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