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Compile and run C examples

How to compile and run a C example

Before you can clone the example application repositories you will need to install git.

$ sudo apt-get install git

To begin working with the C example applications we will clone all source code from the public GitHub repo with git.

$ git clone

All C examples are built using Make. We will demonstrate the build steps using the publish-subscribe example.

$ cd $PSYNC_HOME/examples/c/publish_subscribe
$ make

To run the application supply the relative path.

$ ./bin/polysync-publish-subscribe-c

You can quickly install the binary to the system -- PSYNC_HOME/bin -- using the make install command.

$ make install 
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    Typo: repository is named PolySync-C-Examples, not C-Examples

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    Lyle Johnson

    Fixed! Thank you for pointing it out.

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