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DTC 107

A memory error typically manifests itself in one of two ways:

  • System memory was exhausted
  • Unable to access / delete memory


DTC 107 can indicate an error deleting the license object after calling the PolySync license tool.

$ polysync-license-tool 

*** PolySync License Tool ***
API Build Version: 2.0.0-1456894706
System Design File: "/usr/local/polysync/db/psync.sdf"
Host ID: "(Ethernet) 50XX9D3XXDXX"
IP Address: ""
License File: "(null)"

checking for available capabilities
ERROR : polysync_lic : do_capability_request -- deleting capability response object returned: 1879048193
ERROR : polysync_lic : lic_check_for_capabilities -- do_capability_request returned: 107
 * failed to get remote capabilities, check your network connection or license rights



If you know that you have a valid license but are receiving DTC 107 you can try to remove the temporary cache files on your machine and re-download the license capabilities from the license server.

$ rm -f /usr/local/polysync/db/am*
$ polysync-license-tool

If you still receive DTC 107 you will need to create a ticket at the Help Desk that includes the license tool output.

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