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License tool - enabling windback detection failed

After calling the license tool you may receive an error similar to the following:

$ polysync-license-tool 

*** PolySync License Tool ***
API Build Version: 2.0.2-1458307255
System Design File: "/usr/local/polysync/db/psync.sdf"
host_id: "(Ethernet) 5XXBXX3XXD1X"
ip_address: "AUTO"
license_file: "(null)"  

checking for available capabilities
ERROR : polysync_lic : lic_check_for_capabilities – enabling windback detection returned: 1929379905

* failed to get remote capabilities, check your network connection or license rights


This occurs when PolySync does not have permission to read/write to the directory containing the cached PolySync license files.

To resolve the issue change ownership of the PolySync directory to the current user. The first command prints the current user, and the second command changes ownership of the variable PSYNC_HOME.

$ whoami
$ sudo -E chown -R dev:dev $PSYNC_HOME




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