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DTC 106

This article details potential failure cases stemming from DTC 106, System or Operating System (OS) error, which occurs when PolySync required resources are not available or are limited.

System errors can be runtime specific, meaning that the faults are non-deterministic in how they manifest as errors. The most general reasons for runtime specific system errors are lack of CPU and/or memory resources.

If you frequently experience DTC 106 while running PolySync applications, you should consider upgrading your machines physical capabilities.


The PolySync application failed due to one of the following events:

  • Unable to open the PolySynd Data Model shared library
  • Failed to create
    • Message queue
    • Shared memory data queue
    • Message read or write thread
    • Message logfile read or write thread
  • Failed to read or write to
    • Message queue
    • Shared memory data queue
  • Failed to create or release PolySync message publisher or subscriber
  • Enumerating system video or serial devices
  • Missing core video elements
    • Video data pipeline, encoder, decoder, converter, resizer, etc.
  • Creating wall-clock
  • Unable to stop PolySync Manager
  • Unable to stop PolySync PTP services
  • System files are inaccessible
    • CPU information and statistics unavailable


Deterministic system errors are commonly caused by installing PolySync on an unsupported host CPU architecture. Please see this list of supported architectures to verify your ECU is supported.


We strongly encourage you to create a request at our support center and include a copy of the file /var/log/syslog if you experience persistent issues.

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