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Locate CAN interface identifiers

While setting up all CAN sensors in PolySync SDF Configurator you are asked for the hardware and circuit identifiers.

If you are using Kvaser hardware the linuxcan libraries will print each channel detected on the machine.

Print Hardware Identifier

Linuxcan source code is typically located in the /usr/src/linuxcan directory following PolySync insatllation. You can access the examples in the following directory:

$ cd /usr/src/linuxcan/canlib/examples 

From this directory we can list all channels and monitor all incoming data.

The example listChannels prints both the hardware and circuit identifiers.

$ ./listChannels
Found 1 channel.
channel 0 = Kvaser Leaf Light v2, 73-30130-00685-0, (0)21718,

The first number we see, or the channel number is the circuit identifier. Later in the response we see the number 21718, this number is the hardware identifier.

Note that when there are multiple hardware interfaces the circuit identifier re-indexes with each new hardware identifier.

Next Steps

Now that you know the CAN channel hardware and circuit identifiers you can update the SDF node entries for each CAN sensor that's connected to the ECU.

See this walk-through guide on connecting to a CAN sensor.



If you're unable to list channels and have verified that the USB or PCIe is properly connected then you will want to manually load the kernel driver modules used to talk with the hardware.

For USB devices you can probe the leaf driver:

$ sudo modprobe leaf 

For PCIe devices you can probe the pciefd driver:

$ sudo modprobe pcican pciefd 



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