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List channels error: DEVDESCR_ASCII


When attempting to use listchannels in /usr/src/linuxcan/canlib/examples to detect CAN channels on an ECU there is an error that pops up involving DEVDESCR_ASCII.

Cause Solution
Too few channels are specified in the driver library files.

Modify the files which specify the maximum number of CAN channels which can be active at one time.

Navigate to /usr/src/linuxcan/leaf/ and open leafHWIf.h. Modify "MAX_CHANNELS" to be the number of CAN channels on your ECU +1.

Then run "make" in that folder. Do the same in the PciCanHwIf.h located in /usr/src/linuxcan/pcican

Lastly run make in /usr/src/linuxcan. If listchannels still doesn't work then restart your machine.

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