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Starting PolySync Manager when the machine boots

In some instances it is desirable to have PolySync Manager start when the machine boots.


The crontab utility on most Linux systems is designed to allow a user to trigger script a scheduled basis or on a per-event basis. To edit the crontab, log in as your normal user and open a terminal to execute the following.

$ crontab -e

Starting PolySync Manager At System Boot

To start PolySync Manager when the system boots add the following line to the crontab. Environment variables such as PSYNC_HOME cannot be used within crontab, you must supply an absolute file path to the script that starts the PolySync Manager. We've supplied a script in the PolySync install, which defaults to /usr/local/polysync

@reboot /usr/local/polysync/utils/

Save and exit crontab. The next  machine boot PolySync Manager will be loaded and all enabled nodes will be spawned.

It's important that crontab is not edited as sudo-user, ensuring that PolySync nodes are spawned by the normal user account.

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