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Active coordinate frames

Using the SDF Configurator, PolySync sensor nodes can be configured to specify the active coordinate frame.

When working on a sensor node in the SDF Configurator you will find the Active Coordinate Fame Identifier as the top parameter in the *Node Configuration* parameters panel.

2 - Not Available

Coordinate frame not available. This is typically used for nodes that don't have or don't need a coordinate frame.

3 - Local (Sensor)

Standard right handed PolySync local coordinate frame, also known as the vehicle coordinate frame.

4 - Platform

Standard right handed PolySync platform coordinate frame. Fixed in the platform body, i.e. a fixed body coordinate system.

PolySync vehicle coordinates conform to ISO8855:1991 and SAE J670:JAN2008 and follow the conventions shown below. Axis and angle of rotation are right handed.

For the Vehicle Centered Reference Coordinate Frame (VCRF), the origin is the **center of the rear axle on the ground**.


5 - Relative

Standard right handed PolySync relative coordinate frame. Typically based on a dead-reckoned navigation solution.

6 - Absolute

Standard right handed PolySync absolute coordinate frame. Typically based on an absolute or world navigation solution like WGS84 UTM coordinate Frame in a given zone.

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