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Can Reader


Interface name
  • can-reader
Interface file
Supported Since
  • Release version listed in this format: V<major>.<minor>.<subminor>-<release-type>.<release-type-number>
OEM Hardware/Software/Firmware Version  
Sensor Communication Protocol  
PolySync Sensor Type
  • 30
Driver Notes
  • -u allow updates to the SDF configuration if needed [optional]
  • -d enable additional debugging output [optional]

(OEM) Sensor Description

PolySync Configuration

Interface Requirements

Input Message Types

Input Msg Type
Raw CAN frames  

Output Message Types

Output Msg Type

Command Line Arguments

  1. -h show help message [optional]
  2. -o enable output of log messages to stdout (in addition to syslog) [optional]
  3. -w disable the hardware interface(s), allowing the node to run without hardware connected [optional]
  4. -r SDF runtime configuration key that specifies the domain to operated under, the default domain is used otherwise [optional]
  5. -n SDF node configuration key for the node [required]
  6. -i use provided PAL interface file instead of what is stored in the SDF [optional]
  7. -e export a JSON support string describing the interface, used by the SDF configuration tool [optional]
  8. -u allow updates to the SDF configuration if needed [optional]
  9. -d enable additional debugging output [optional]


If applicable, list events published and under what circumstances they are published

Event ID
Event Description
Implemented (y/n)
Active When


Parameter ID
3900 Enable publishing of "ps_can_frame_msg" (value zero means disabled) units
1001 Sensor 0 Identifier units
400 CAN Channel 0 Hardware Identifier units
401 CAN Channel 0 Circuit Identifier units
403 CAN Channel 0 Datarate units
404 CAN Channel 0 Bus On/Off State units
3901 Exclusive CAN channel (value zero means CAN channel can be opened by other applications) units
3902 Require extended CAN (CAN 2.0B) support from the channel units

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