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Updating the SDF Parameter Table

If you've recently upgraded to a newer version of PolySync, but are using the "old" SDF from the previous installation, then it's likely that there are nodes that support new parameters.

For each PolySync data model, the nodes are built to support dynamic parameter types. These parameters are not hard-coded into the SDF, so that the data model can remain flexible.


To update the SDF parameter table, walk through the node list, by referencing the Node ID (X) from the SDF Configurator, and start each node with the -u flag.

$ polysync-dynamic-driver -u -w -n X

After the node has run for a few short seconds, CTRL+C to exit and move onto the next.


In the image below we can see that the node video-device has SDF Node ID 11. To update the SDF with all parameters supported by the video-device, we will use the command:

$ polysync-dynamic-driver -w -u -n 11


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